#Christianity as emotional slavery? Do the leaders of the faith know this & use it? #Atheist

The fastest way to get on the wrong side of a Christian is to disagree with their religion. Twitter is full of arguments, some call them conversations, about whether God is real or not. Evidence seems to have no affect on the opinions of many of the faithful. There is a lot of name calling. The main issue I’m getting at is the blind spot many Christians seem to have may have been given to them by the church itself. To most Atheists this is a big “dah.” What I’m trying to say is maybe the leaders know what they are doing? This is the conspiracy side of what my point is about. Do the leaders know what they’re pushing is not real?

The church wants to maintain power over the flock. They have libraries full of books that would make an Atheist’s head explode. The movies that are available, Veggie Tales and Bibleman, are pure indoctrination. Churches offer activities (youth events, small groups and employment assistance) that keep their attendees close. The fewer secular places the sheep go the easier it is to keep the message alive. 

I’ve heard people say they’re completely comfortable with the Bible being true as well as Science being true. This made my head spin when I heard it. The Bible says there was a great flood and the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Science has a set of facts that say the Earth is billions of years old. How someone can maintain any agreement between these 2 viewpoints is beyond me. Science and religion are not compatible to someone who loves and understands science. To someone who is science illiterate pseudoscience is just another walk in the park but cognitive dissonance is a little off the subject.

The role of church leaders is called shepherding. This sounds harmless but how do these shepherds accomplish their role? Exerting control by shaming anyone who feels the need to leave the religion is one way. In many cases members will not associate with ex-members who are non-believers. Contact usually accompanies telling someone they are being prayed for like they’re a lost sheep. 

Hector Avalos is a Atheist Biblical Scholar. He has many books and YouTube videos on the subject of what the church tells members and what Biblical Scholars actually say. I may write more on this subject in the future. For now I invite you to visit the links to check Hector Avalos’ work. His knowledge is much more extensive than mine on the subject.


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